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Publié : 28 déc. 2017, 19:10
par kheir
Le fait que ce soit sous licence est sympa. Tout comme certains accessoires (sièges, logo central...) mais vraiment je bloque totalement sur les figurines :(
Enfin, ça a l'air d'avoir fait un heureux et c'est bien là le principal pour un jouet !


Publié : 29 déc. 2017, 10:17
par Eyeshield21
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2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures Revealed : ... -revealed/

The 2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures line-up should be familiar.

It replicates the previous year’s release. However, the figures are each detailed in all-new uniform colors.

The figures depict NBA stars from around the league as stylized caricatures, delivering a fresh take in the figure market.

The 2017-18 line-up includes the following players with their new uniform color in parenthesis.

- Stephen Curry (White)
- LeBron James (White)
- Kevin Durant (Blue)
- James Harden (White)
- Jimmy Butler (Minnesota, Blue)
- Blake Griffin (Blue)
- Anthony Davis (Blue)

The figures stand at 11-inches tall. To put that into perspective, that’s larger than
a NBA regulation basketball as pictured below.

With regards to the newly updated mobile app, it received quite an upgrade beyond mere cosmetics.

The interactive experience has been greatly improved with more engagement, entertainment
and an evergreen shelf-life for all future ICON AI smAll-Star releases.

Last year’s inaugural release was widely successful, due, in no small part,
to the manufacturer’s responsible production numbers.

No single figure was produced in a quantity greater than 290 total pieces.

Several had 50 or fewer pieces produced! IconAI is committed to maintaining responsible production runs
to deliver a truly, limited edition collectible figure that fans and collectors can be proud to own!

The expected SRP for the figures is $160.
The anticipated release for the new 2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Smart Figures is scheduled for early January.

2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars STEPHEN CURRY


2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars LeBRON JAMES


2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars KEVIN DURANT


2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars JAMES HARDEN



Publié : 20 mars 2018, 09:58
par Eyeshield21
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McFarlane Sportspicks NBA Series 32 Figures : ... 2-figures/ ... ll-figures ... 2-figures/

The 2018 McFarlane NBA 32 lineup features several notable debuts.

Actually, five of the six players
are getting their first McFarlane figures.

They include a rookies, some young stars and some players who have come
into their own over the past couple of seasons.

Filled with debuts, 2017-18 McFarlane NBA 32 looks to the future
with a youth-heavy lineup and a new sculpt for Steph Curry.

The seven-inch figures showcase the new '17-18 Nike jerseys,
but don't worry as these won't rip.

Offering several Sports Picks firsts, collectors can find the initial options
for young studs Devin Booker and Joel Embiid.

Among the stars finally joining the McFarlane NBA 32 lineup,
we have Isaiah Thomas, in his new Cavs gear, and DeMar DeRozan.

Hyped 2017-18 rookie Lonzo Ball is the lone first-year player
in the bunch.

Although the 2017-18 McFarlane NBA 32 basketball figures do mainly focus
on those players not previously covered,

Stephen Curry is the exception.

Curry also has two chase variants with low production.

Isaiah Thomas and Lonzo Ball get limited-edition uniform changes, as well.

The Collector Level chase is broken down into four tiers,
with the Black Statement Edition

for Curry the most common and the Yellow City Edition Curry kept
to 100 figures or less.

McFarlane NBA 32 follows up McFarlane NBA 31
from the start of the season.

Of course, McFarlane NBA 32 also has a few chase variant figures as well.

As far as debut figures, Joel Embiid, Lonzo Ball
and DeMar DeRozan lead the way.

There’s also Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.

Isaiah Thomas also gets his first piece but it arrives
with some unfortunate timing.

He’s shown in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, which makes sense given
his off-season trade to the team.

However, in between the time the lineup was announced and their release,
Thomas was part of the massive Cavs trade deadline overhaul and was sent to the Lakers.

Thomas played just 15 games with Cleveland.

The only player who isn’t a debut in McFarlane NBA 32
is Stephen Curry.

This is his third figure in a main lineup not counting variants.
His last appearance came in NBA 28 during the 2016-17 season.

McFarlane NBA 32 has four variant chase figures.
All have players in alternate uniforms. Two of these highlight Curry.

This includes the rarest, a Yellow City Edition jersey piece with no more than 100 copies.
Ball and Thomas also have variants.

2018 McFarlane NBA 32 is scheduled to release in April.

2018 McFarlane Sportspicks NBA Series 32 LONZO BALL



Publié : 07 juin 2018, 18:12
par Bonimath
Ma réception du jour :
Ma première figurine sous Sonics;

Et j'aurais besoin d'un conseil, est ce que vous les gardez dans la boite ou les ouvrez vous?
J'ai vu sur un forum Américain que certains les laissent dans la boite d'origine, mais moi c'était pour décorer mon bureau? Puis aprés ca reste que Rashard Lewis (et payé 5$).


Publié : 07 juin 2018, 18:15
par kheir
Beaucoup les laissent en boite oui... perso neufs comme ça, je le laisse en boite oui.


Publié : 07 juin 2018, 18:35
par boumboumbes
Sans la boite pour moi...avec un tout ptit peu de poussière sur le casque (Nfl).


Publié : 07 juin 2018, 22:58
par docsteph
Moi je les sors de la box ;)


Publié : 08 juin 2018, 15:12
par JP
Moi j'en achète 2, un dans la boite et l'autre dehors :oops:


Publié : 10 juin 2018, 22:06
par Bonimath
Merci de vos avis et expérience !
Au final, on revient un peu à ce que j'ai lu, certains ouvrent les boites et d'autres les laissent dedans.
En tout cas MERCI de vos retours.


Publié : 06 juil. 2018, 10:05
par Eyeshield21
Air Jordan 'Jumpman' sculptures coming from Enterbay : ... -enterbay/


Enterbay has been producing some amazing sculpted NBA figures
for the last few years, but there's a new piece on the way that captures
a moment that set the stage for much of the basketball merch
and a shoe revolution that came afterward.

It's a sculpt of the iconic Jumpman pose of Michael Jordan.

A trio of three 1/6-scale (12-inch) sculptures is set to arrive from the company
in November with each limited to just 300 copies

with an approximate price of $259.99.

There's a stone, gypsum and ivory version which are likely ways
to identify their colors as the materials used were not noted.

Enterbay typically produces immensely detailed high-end
posable figures that you can see here.

Some of them have impressive asking prices
over on eBay as they are limited pieces. ... e&_fosrp=1

2018 Enterbay Gypsum Edition MICHAEL JORDAN


2018 Enterbay Ivory Edition MICHAEL JORDAN


2018 Enterbay Stone Edition MICHAEL JORDAN



Publié : 08 oct. 2018, 10:48
par Eyeshield21
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dispos sur eBay ... =0&_sop=10

2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures : ... 19-figures

Tying in the popular video game as it celebrates 20 years of on-court excitement,
the McFarlane NBA 2K19 figures offer collectors a new series of detailed
basketball collectibles.

McFarlane has long made NBA figures, but this line takes its cue
from the Madden version now common for the NFL figures.

Although not specifically referenced, it appears that the new 2K19 figures
replace the standard Sports Picks release that was last issued
in 2018 via McFarlane NBA 32.

In addition to the 7" editions for some of the top NBA players,
each box includes a Locker Code redeemable for an in-game MyTeam pack.

These digital packs promise a random Ruby Card
for one of the players in the set.

McFarlane NBA 2K19 Figures Series 1

The McFarlane NBA 2K19 Series 1 set is led by the very first figure
for Giannis Antetokounmpo, who happens to be the cover athlete for 2K19,
as well.

The lineup also includes new poses for James Harden,
Kevin Durant, Kristaps Porzingis and Russell Westbrook,
plus a Boston Celtics version for Kyrie Irving.

Another big choice for collectors is LeBron James as a member
of the Los Angeles Lakers.

This figure releases on Black Friday.

All Series 1 figures are exclusive to Walmart and retail for $24.99.

2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figure Checklist Series 1 - Walmart Only :

- Giannis Antetokounmpo - Milwaukee Bucks
- James Harden - Houston Rockets
- Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors
- Kristaps Porzingis - New York Knicks
- Kyrie Irving - Boston Celtics
- Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

Black Friday Release

- LeBron James - Los Angeles Lakers

2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 JAMES HARDEN


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 KEVIN DURANT


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 KRISTAPS PORZINGIS


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 KYRIE IRVING


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 LeBRON JAMES /b]


2018-19 McFarlane NBA 2K19 Basketball Figures Series 1 RUSSELL WESTBROOK