[FICHE] 2021 SPORTKINGS (Volume 2) (4 Février 2021)

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[FICHE] 2021 SPORTKINGS (Volume 2) (4 Février 2021)

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News pour cette Collection

2021 Sportkings


First Buzz: SportKings Volume 2 Sports Cards

https://www.blowoutcards.com/blog/first ... rts-cards/

What's buzz-worthy :

SportKings takes the field once again in conjunction
with SAGE for a few crop of retro-styled cardboard

featuring greats from the past and all-time greats
from around the sports world all in one place.

The Basics :

Each hobby box of this one will three hits as noted
above with two green-backed base cards (/100),
one green-backed mini (/50)

and then one bonus card from the lineup below :

- Autograph
- Memorabilia
- Jared Kelley portrait card
- Century Heroes cut signature with 1/1 sketch
- Gary Kezele 1/1 sketch card
- 1/1 Grand Patch
- SportKings Icon cut signature featuring Babe Ruth
- Paul Madden original rendering
- 2000 SportKings Joe Montana Autograph buyback

Among the signers for this one with on-card sigs will be :

Bill Russell, Drew Brees, Emmitt Smith, Randy Johnson,
Roger Staubach, Tony Meola, Randall Cunningham,

Curtis Martin, Ray Allen, Robin Yount,
Vince Carter, Denis Potvin, Darrell Waltrip

and other "world champions, gold medalists
and Hall of Fame athletes" that you can see

in the early checklists noted in the gallery.

Many other notables will be found
among the other hits in this one.

This release's numbering will pick up with card No. 49
as the previous edition had 48 cards in its sets.

Hobby boxes will be the home of parallels for hits as well
as 1/1 red-back/red-background base and mini parallels.

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

Picking up a few years later, 2021 Sportkings Volume 2 is the multi-sport
sequel to Sage's initial Sport Kings Gum reboot from 2018.

Each Hobby box offers two on-card autographs and one relic.

See also : 2018 Sportkings Volume 1

https://www.cardboardconnection.com/201 ... ding-cards

2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Base

Acting as a continuation from Volume 1, the 2021 Sportkings Volume 2
base set starts at card #49 and keeps building out the main line.

The diverse selection offers stars
and champions from many different sports.

The Hobby base cards with green backs are limited
to 100 total sets. These fall two per box.

There are also base minis with green backs.

The smaller cards check-in at half the print run,
meaning 50 total sets and one card per box.

Exclusive to Hobby, the red back/red background
parallel is a true one-of-one set.

2021 Sportkings Volume 1 Autographs

https://gogts.net/2021-sage-sportkings- ... ing-cards/

Many of the names in the 2021 Sportkings Volume 2
checklist also provide hard-signed SportKings Autograph cards.

Look for limited parallels, including Red (#/50)
and Emerald (#/5), as well.

Revisiting a past iteration, NFL legend Joe Montana has
a Beckett-authenticated 2000 Sport Kings autograph buyback
with a Montana hologram.

This has added significance given that 2000
was the year of Montana's Hall of Fame inauguration.

2021 Sportkings Volume 1 Cut Signatures / Sketch

Autographs for several all-time greats
are issued via cut signatures.

Multiple choices arrive in Icons, which is another carryover set.

The Century Heroes cut signature insert pairs
an autograph with a one-of-one Gary Kezele sketch.

Other hand-drawn choices can be found as Gary Kezele
sketch cards or Paul Madden original renderings.

2021 Sportkings Volume 1 Memorabilia

That brings us to the relics in 2021 Sportkings Volume 2.

In addition to various memorabilia cards for several
of the base subjects, Grand Patch displays
an impressive jumbo swatch.

https://www.cardboardconnection.com/spo ... me-2-cards

Estimated Release Date : February 4, 2021

2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Hobby Box Product Configuration :

- 7 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 12 boxes per case

2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Hobby Box Break :

- 2 Autographs
- 1 Relic
- 2 Base Cards
- 1 Mini Card
- 1 Bonus Hit or Insert

2021 Sportkings Volume 2 Trading Cards Product Highlights :

- 2 Autographed Cards Hard-Signed in Every Box!

- Look for Autographed Memorabilia Cards,
numbered parallels and 1-of-1s!!

Hard-Signed autographs including :

Bill Russell, Drew Brees, Emmitt Smith, Randy Johnson,
Roger Staubach, Tony Meola, Ted Simmons, Curtis Martin,
Ray Allen, Robin Yount, Vince Carter, Denis Potvin, Darrell Waltrip,

and many more World Champions,
Gold Medalists and Hall of Fame athletes!!

- 1 Memorabilia Card in Every Box!

- Look for numbered or Premium parallels!

- 1 Bonus Card in Every Box!

- Autograph
- Memorabilia
- Jared Kelley Artist Portrait Card
- Century Heroes Cut Signature with 1/1 Sketch
- Gary Kezele 1/1 Sketch Card
- 1/1 Grand Patch
- Babe Ruth Sportkings Icon Cut Signature
- Paul Madden Original Rendering

- 2000 Sport Kings Joe Montana Autograph Buyback Card w/
Beckett COA and Montana Hologram (HOF year)

Additionally, there will be a set, just 1, of Hobby Exclusive
“red back/red background” base and mini cards.

This set continues base card numbering
from Volume 1 so the first card in this release will be #49.

2020 Sportkings Base Gum BABE RUTH


2020 Sportkings Base Gum BILL RUSSELL


2020 Sportkings Base Gum EMMITH SMITH


2020 Sportkings Sketch RANDY JOHNSON


2020 Sportkings Autograph #24/50 BILL RUSSELL


2020 Sportkings Autograph SARAH HUGUES


2020 Sportkings Autograph #3/5 SHAWN PORTER


2020 Sportkings Grand Patch DARRELL WALTRIP


2020 Sportkings Premium Single Memorabilia DARRELL WALTRIP


2020 Sportkings Autographed Single Memorabilia #1/1 TED SIMMONS


2020 Sportkings Century Heroes Signatures BABE RUTH


2020 Sportkings Icons Signatures BABE RUTH


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