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[FICHE] 2018-19 CERTIFIED (14 Novembre 2018)

Publié : 12 sept. 2018, 11:00
par Eyeshield21
News pour cette Collection

2018-19 Certified


Panini America Offers Detailed First Look at 2018-19 Certified (Preview) : ... l-preview/

The last (and only) time Panini America produced a standalone Certified product
sans the “Totally” modifier, Stephen Curry had zero rings and zero threes,
Blake Griffin had dunked over exactly zero Kias and James Harden’s beard
was little more than a five o’clock shadow.

It was February of 2010, to be exact, when 2009-10 Certified arrived.

It hasn’t been back since.

But that changes in a huge way
later this fall with the release of 2018-19 Certified .

Set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in mid-November,
each hobby box of 2018-19 Certified (five cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 12 boxes per case)

will deliver, on average, two autographs,
one memorabilia card, 10 inserts and seven parallels.

Among the most sought after of Certified’s autograph inclusions
promise to be the hard-signed Rookie Roll Call
and Certified Potential chases
featuring the stars of the 2018 NBA Draft Class. ... all-cards/

What's buzz-worthy :

Certified is back on the hardwood for the first time
in nearly a decade as Panini celebrates
its 10th anniversary in the game as part of this release.

Additional highlights of 2018-19 Certified include . . .


A celebration of Panini America’s 10th NBA anniversary
with an autograph insert featuring the league’s top stars
and legends.

Rookie Jersey Autographs in the Freshman Fabric Signatures chase
that includes Prime parallels.

SP inserts in Gold Team, The Mighty and Priority Mail.

Autographs and memorabilia from the present
and future stars of the NBA.

Missing in action for many years, 2018-19 Certified marks
the return of the NBA brand for the first time since the 2010-11 season.

Every Hobby box averages two autographs
and one memorabilia card.


2018-19 Certified Base / Inserts

While the base set was not mentioned with the early details
for 2018-19 Certified , there will clearly be base cards.

The parallels combine to average seven per box.

In addition, insert cards drop one per pack
in Certified NBA.

This includes short-printed sets like the regal Gold Team,
envelope-based Priority Mail, and psychedelic The Mighty.

2018-19 Certified Autographs / Relics

Hits supply the main draw within the 2018-19 Certified checklist.

The '18 rookie class is covered with hard-signed
Certified Potential and Rookie Roll Call cards.

Another first-year choice is found in the Freshman
Fabric Signatures line, which has Prime parallels, as well.

Also drawing inspiration from the postal service
is the well-known Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


2018-19 Certified Brings the Brand Back to Hoops : ... all-cards/

2018-19 Certified rounds out the selection with relic
inserts that include the famed Fabric of the Game cards,
plus the more basic Materials set.

The last time Certified had its own standalone basketball set was
in 2009-10, Panini’s first season with the exclusive NBA license.

Now, nine years later, it’s coming back. 2018-19 Certified pivots
from the Totally Certified take it has had for the past several
seasons to get back to its original form.

2018-19 Certified definitely has its eyes on autographs
and memorabilia, but there’s a fair bit of variety
outside of the premium hits as well.

Hobby boxes, which have ten packs, come with
a pair of signatures and one memorabilia card.

2018-19 Certified Overview ... der-nov-14

Freshman Fabric Signatures do not,
but they do have a piece of memorabilia.

Parallels include Mirror versions,
a Certified staple that dates back to the mid ’90s.

Rarer versions come with prime swatches.

When it comes to autographs, the draft class makes up
a significant part of the checklist.

Certified Potential and Rookie Roll Call both come
with on-card signatures.


First Buzz: 2018-19 Certified : ... all-cards/

Signed, Sealed, Delivered adds veteran autograph
content to 2018-19 Certified.

Fabric of the Game and Materials are among
the memorabilia inserts in the product.

Going beyond the hits is a slate of additional
inserts that bring a variety of designs.

Every pack of 2018-19 Certified has a regular insert.

These include Gold Team, 2018, and Priority Mail.

There’s also The Mighty, which has one of the release’s
more colorful designs.

The Basics :

Each box will include 10 insert cards and seven parallels
atop the hits in this one, which will be heavy on rookies

with Rookie Roll Call autographs, Freshman Fabric Signatures,
Certified Potential and Fabric of the Game for the hits.

Also in this one will be Materials
and Signed Sealed Delivered autographs.

Among the inserts will be Gold Team, Priority Mail
and The Mighty.

No other details about the set size
or parallel rainbows was released.

Packs carry a suggested retail price of $10 ($100 per box). ... -nba-cards

Estimated Release Date : 14/11/2018

Product Configuration : 5 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2018-19 Certified Box Hits :

- 2 Autographed Cards
- 1 Memorabilia Card
- 10 Inserts & 7 Parallels (on average)

2018-19 Certified Cards Product Highlights :

- 2 Autographed Cards in Every Box!

- Celebrate Panini’s 10th Anniversary in trading cards
with autographs from the league’s top stars and legends!

- Find rookie jersey autographs in Freshman Fabric Signatures
with prime parallels

- Look for ON-CARD autographs from the stars of the 2018 NBA Draft Class
in Rookie Roll Call and Certified Potential!

- Freshman Fabric Signatures
- Signed, Sealed, Delivered

- 1 Memorabilia Card in Every Box!
- Freshman Fabric
- Materials
- Fabric of the Game

- 10 Inserts and 7 Parallels in Every Box!

– Look for loads of inserts in each box of Certified!

- Find SP inserts, which feature some of the NBA’s best
and brightest stars!

- Gold Team
- The Mighty
- Priority Mail

We’ll have a lot more to preview in the coming weeks right here on The Knight’s Lance.

But until then, here’s an extended sneak peek :

Previews Galerie 2018-19 Certified : ... sel-223784

2018-19 Certified Rookie Roll Call Autographs LUKA DONCIC


2018-19 Certified Freshman Fabric Signatures Mirror Gold MARVIN BAGLEY III


2018-19 Certified Certified Potential Signatures DeANDRE AYTON


2018-19 Certified Fabric Of The Games Rookies MO BMABA


2018-19 Certified Materials Jerseys KEVIN DURANT


2018-19 Certified Signed Sealed Delivered Autographs KRISTAPS PORZINGIS


2018-19 Certified Gold Team STEPHEN CURRY


2018-19 Certified Priority Mail GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO


2018-19 Certified The Mighty JOEL EMBIID


Re: [FICHE] 2018-19 CERTIFIED (14 Novembre 2018)

Publié : 12 sept. 2018, 11:59
par alain
pas de fan de ce qu'il présente cette année , à quoi ressemble les regs ?

Re: [FICHE] 2018-19 CERTIFIED (14 Novembre 2018)

Publié : 13 sept. 2018, 11:05
par Eyeshield21
alain :

Alain, pour les futures visuels et regulars, il faudra un peu patienter

je surveille ceux ci, dès qu'ils seront visible, je les mettrais direct :super: