[FICHE] 2017-18 PANINI FLAWLESS (31 Octobre 2018)

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[FICHE] 2017-18 PANINI FLAWLESS (31 Octobre 2018)

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News pour cette Collection

2017-18 Panini Flawless


Panini America Offers Detailed First Look at 2017-18 Panini Flawless (Preview) :

https://blog.paniniamerica.net/2018/08/ ... l-preview/

Boasting one of the deepest, most productive rookie crops in quite some time,
the 2017-18 NBA Draft class worked wonders for the trading card industry
and helped seemingly each new product release grow more wildly popular
than the one that came before.

But as the 2017-18 product season officially comes to a close, there is only release
left to preview and it’s a doozie: 2017-18 Panini Flawless .

Set to bring the product season to its torrid conclusion, 2017-18 Panini Flawless
is set to arrive in hobby shops across North America in late October.

The industry standard for the highest of high-end trading cards,
each briefcase of 2017-18 Panini Flawless (10 cards per briefcase, two briefcases per case)
will deliver, on average, seven autographs, one memorabilia card,
one additional autograph or memorabilia card and one Diamond card per box.

Every autograph in the product will be signed on-card and the checklist,
as you would expect, is second to none. Multi-diamond base cards return for 2017-18
with some cards delivering up to three diamonds.

Additional highlights of 2017-18 Panini Flawless are many and include . . .

2017-18 Panini Flawless :

https://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/2 ... a-preview/

Collectors of high-end basketball cards are in for a treat on Halloween.

While the new season will have already tipped off, 2017-18 Panini Flawless
will arrive with its usual bounty of autographed and gem-studded cards.

Each box of Flawless will contain ten cards at least seven
of which will have an autograph.

All signatures will be on-card.

There will be one or two memorabilia cards and one card carrying one,
two or three diamonds embedded in it.

Rookies, veterans and retired greats were expected to sign for the product,
which is among the most expensive new sports card releases each year but remains
popular with those who can afford the price tag—and with online box breakers.

Packed in a briefcase, Flawless usually runs at least $1,500.

New this year is Honored Numbers, an autograph subset that features
players who had their jersey number retired.


2017-18 Panini Flawless Adds More Diamonds

https://www.beckett.com/news/2017-18-pa ... asketball/

2017-18 Panini Flawless continues with the line’s tradition
of topping off the high end.

Autographs, jumbo patches, diamonds and low print runs
fill out the checklist.

Logoman and Championship tags will be among the big hits
with the Dual Diamond Memorabilia Logoman cards also a huge part of the chase.

Those diamond cards will appear in low serial-numbered subsets including
Triple Double, Top of the Class, Most Valuable and Champions,
all of which will be limited to five or less.

Oversized autographed memorabilia cards will be found
in Star Swatch Signatures, Horizontal Patch Autographs
and Vertical Patch autographs.

Normally the final NBA product of the season, 2017-18 Panini Flawless
delivers another assortment of premium cards
for top rookies, current stars and NBA legends.

At this price, collectors expect only on-card autographs
and this exactly what the set promises.

Panini has tweaked the box yield compared to 2016-17, as every '17-18 box contains
seven autographs, one relic and one additional hit, plus a diamond card.


2017-18 Panini Flawless Diamond :

Once again, diamonds are the focal point of the 2017-18 Panini Flawless base set.

But rather than bringing in different gems for parallels like the line did when
it debuted, this time rarer versions go for quantity.

That doesn’t apply to print run. Rather it’s the use of two and three diamonds
instead of one. This switch made its debut in 2016-17 Flawless.

Besides base player cards, other diamond cards include Champions,
Most Valuable, Top of the Class and Triple Double.

These all have just five copies each.

Once again, base cards come with diamonds, including Double
and Triple editions alongside the base single-diamond version.

The most limited diamond choices are found in the Champions,
Most Valuable, Top of the Class and Triple Double subsets.

Every card here carries a print run of five copies or less.

What's buzz-worthy :

https://gogts.net/2017-18-panini-flawle ... all-cards/

What Panini calls "the industry standard for high-end trading cards" returns
to the hardwood for another season with every autograph on-card
and impressive patches as well as diamond cards also in the mix.

The Basics :

https://www.blowoutcards.com/blog/first ... all-cards/

Diamond cards will have one (base), two or three gems and there will also be
Triple Double, Top of the Class, Most Valuable and Champions diamond card
subsets (all /5) as well.

All autographs are on-card with "a plethora of top-tier veterans,
legends and rookies."

Also in the mix will be Logoman and championship tags, dual diamond memorabilia
Logoman cards as well as jumbo autograph-mem cards in the Star Swatch Signatures
and patch autographs sets (horizontal and vertical).

Hits will be paralleled as well with Silver, Platinum, Green and Gold
among the colors, though an exact rainbow was not disclosed.

Among the autographs will be Honored Numbers cards for players
with retired numbers.

Boxes will once again carry a suggested retail price of $1,500.


This Panini’s high-end cards return to the hardcourt for another season
and delivers seven autographs, one memorabilia, one autograph
or memorabilia and one diamond card per box, on average.

Every autograph is signed on-card and features a large amount
of top-tier veterans, legends, and rookies.

The multi-diamond base cards deliver up to three diamonds paired
with one of the NBA’s superstar.

There will also be rare diamond card subsets in Triple Double,
Top of the Class, Most Valuable and Champions.

All limited to no more than 5 copies.

Also in play will be super-prime Logoman and Championship Tags,
as well as the iconic Dual Diamond Memorabilia Logoman.

There will also be jumbo auto-memorabilia cards in Star Swatch Signatures,
Horizontal Patch Autographs, and Vertical Patch Autographs.

http://www.sportscardradio.com/2017-18- ... checklist/

2017-18 Panini Flawless Autographs :

All autographs in 2017-18 Panini Flawless have on-card signatures.

They come in a variety of forms, including several inserts that combine the signatures
with over-sized memorabilia swatches.

Patch Autographs come in separate horizontal and vertical designs.

Star Swatch Signatures come with even larger pieces of memorabilia.

Among the most recognizable cards in the product
are Logoman Autographs.

Logoman patch cards are also available without signatures.

The Honored Numbers checklist is limited to those who have had
their number raised to the rafters.

On the memorabilia side, prime pieces get the attention throughout 2017-18 Panini Flawless .

This includes the simply named Patches, which has a jumbo piece.

Maintaining a similar design to past sets, the 2017-18 Panini Flawless checklist
is naturally filled with many hard-signed cards.

Boasting jumbo memorabilia, the Horizontal and Vertical Patch Autograph cards
swap the orientation on a premium layout.

Star Swatch Signatures also works with an oversized relic
accompanied by an autograph.

Always a crowd favorite, the Logoman Autographs line
is arguably the biggest chase in play as each contains
an NBA logo patch.

Joining the super high-end ranks in the '17-18 set, Honored Numbers pays tribute
to former players whose retired jersey numbers now hang in the rafters.


2017-18 Panini Flawless Memorabilia :

While the autographs get much of the acclaim in 2017-18 Panini Flawless ,
the memorabilia usually commands attention, as well.

Averaging 1-2 per relics per box, the selection includes Championship Tags,
Logoman, Patches, and Dual Diamond Memorabilia Logoman.

Many of the same rookies are part of 2017-18 Panini Flawless Collegiate,
but with an NCAA theme.

Super-prime Logoman and Championship Tags as well as the iconic
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Logoman.

Rare diamond card subsets in Triple Double, Top of the Class, Most Valuable
and Champions all limited to five copies or less.

Oversized autographed memorabilia cards in Star Swatch Signatures,
Horizontal Patch Autographs and Vertical Patch Autographs.

Autographs and prime memorabilia swatches from a variety of NBA legends
also find the new Honored Numbers insert featuring autographs
from those legends who’ve had their jersey numbers retired.

https://www.cardboardconnection.com/201 ... -nba-cards

Estimated Release Date : 31/10/2018

Product Configuration : 10 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 2 boxes per case

2017-18 Panini Flawless Hobby Box Break Average :

- 7 Autographed Cards
- 1 Memorabilia Card
- 1 Additional Autographed or Memorabilia Card
- 1 Diamond Card

2017-18 Panini Flawless Product Highlights :

- Every Autograph is signed ON-CARD and feature a plethora of top-tier
veterans, legends & rookies!

- Pull SUPER-PRIME Logoman & Championship Tags, as well as the iconic
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Logoman!

- Look for RARE Diamond Card subsets in Triple Double, Top of the Class,
Most Valuable & Champions – all limited to 5 copies or less!

- Find OVER-SIZED Autographed Memorabilia cards in Star Swatch Signatures,
Horizontal Patch Autographs & Vertical Patch Autographs!

- NEW!! – Chase autographs exclusively from players who had their
jersey number retired in Honored Numbers!

We’ll have much more on 2017-18 Panini Flawless in the coming weeks right here on The Knight’s Lance.

But for now, enjoy this extended sneak peek :

Previews Galerie 2017-18 Panini Flawless :

https://blog.paniniamerica.net/2018/08/ ... sel-222737

2017-18 Panini Flawless Base Diamond DONOVAN MITCHELL


2017-18 Panini Flawless Base Double Diamond KEVIN DURANT


2017-18 Panini Flawless Base Triple Diamond DIRK NOWITZKI


2017-18 Panini Flawless Star Swatch Signatures Platinum JAYSON TATUM


2017-18 Panini Flawless Horizontal Patch Autographs Green DAMIAN LILLARD


2017-18 Panini Flawless Vertical Patchs Autographs Gold JOEL EMBIID


2017-18 Panini Flawless Patchs Gold LARRY BIRD


2017-18 Panini Flawless Honored Numbers Autographs REGGIE MILLER


2017-18 Panini Flawless Logoman Autographs KOBE BRYANT


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