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Re: [FICHE] 2016-17 STUDIO

Publié : 04 juil. 2017, 11:28
par Eyeshield21
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2016-17 Studio From Downtown Goes Uptown : ... -downtown/

Occasionally an insert set comes along that doesn’t need any autographs or memorabilia to catch on with collectors.

Combining rarity with a unique look, 2016-17 Studio From Downtown is one such set.

Even without a lot of flash, most of the individual cards are currently selling for more than $100, some significantly more.

2016-17 Studio From Downtown inserts are kind of like Diamond Kings going to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?‘s Toon Town.

Players are shown with an action photo.
Everyone’s in a similar shooting pose, which is appropriate seeing as how the set is dedicated to basketball’s top shooters.

It’s the backgrounds where things get more interesting and original.
Players are surrounded by a drawn interpretation of their team’s city.

That means buildings, monuments and other local symbols done with big,
exaggerated lines, lots of color and plenty of visual flair.

The whimsical illustrations can be seen as a mix of cartoonish fun and a little bit of urban art edge.

Landing just one per 2016-17 Studio case, From Downtown cards are not easy to find.

And that’s a big reason why they’re so expensive now.
But that’s not the only reason. Most products have case hits and not a lot of them catch on.

From Downtown captures a certain originality.
While there are some comparisons to Panini’s Kaboom! inserts, these are different in tone and overall style.

Here’s a look at the entire 2016-17 Studio From Downtown set.